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Project Bright

The brief

Year of completion:


Project value:

Project duration:

£600k per site

11 weeks per site

Multi-site expansion of industry leading college

BIMM Institute provides real-world industry experiences to students with a passion in music, film and theatre. DDI have been working with BIMM for several years across multiple sites, as it expands its college portfolio across the UK.


The design was driven by BIMM's ambition to harbour a dynamic, creative community. The solution offers a balance of multi-functional and acoustic-controlled spaces.


With extensive specialist expertise in the leisure sector, DDI Projects is experienced in delivering award winning, world class interiors for the top health and fitness brands in the UK.

we are 


We never settle. In everything we do we explore, innovate and improve to exceed the expectations of our clients and our industry.


Above all, we're a team. We play for our clients, our partners and the marketplace.


We constantly push ourselves to be our best. Through our talents, passion and precision we deliver exceptional results.

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