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Net Zero

Our Carbon Reduction Strategy

Our Energy and Carbon Management Strategy sets out our target of being Net Zero by 2030 for all Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and for those Scope 3 emissions which are under our direct control.

We will achieve our target primarily through carbon reduction, and secondly through robust and credible, gold standard offsets for unavoidable emissions.

We will continue to work with our clients, our supply chain and our procurement team, to promote sustainable choices of materials

and to foster a downward trend in emissions resulting from the materials used on our projects.


Underpinned by Board support, our strategy aims to empower our colleagues to put forward carbon savings which are monitored, recorded and ultimately delivered to achieve DDI Projects carbon ambitions.


We will publish our carbon footprint analysis, to demonstrate our year-on-year progress, ensure accountability and transparency.

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Our Future-Fit Mission

Our Energy and Carbon Management Strategy focuses on outlining the mission of decarbonisation by applying three interconnected principles across our business model that are crucial for an effective net zero transformation:

  • Design and source sustainably

  • Deliver future-fit built solutions

  • Inspire planet-positive action

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Supporting Climate Action

We have joined Ecologi to support reforestation and carbon offsetting projects around the world.


Projects include renewable energy, forest protection and community initiatives like giving people access to clean water.


Each month we plant native and diverse trees across the globe and in the UK. 

Learn more about our Net Zero Strategy

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DDI Environmental Policy

DDI Carbon Footprint March 2022

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