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Project Victoria

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Project Victoria

The brief

Site 1

Year of completion:


Project value:


Project duration:

12 weeks

Site 2

Year of completion:


Project value:


Project duration:

16 weeks

Convert a split-site consisting of a basement warehouse and car park into a multi-purpose gym

The founders of Gymbox set out to disrupt and reset the industry standard in the early 2000s by aiming to create a series of urban gyms sited in unusual spaces and by offering a more stimulating, club-inspired environment.


Their site of choice is large multi-storey basement car parks in central locations, that offer expansive, textural spaces. Their design aesthetic, influenced by Manchester's Hacienda club style, incorporates materials, graphics, lighting and sound to create a bespoke environment that keeps their brand mantra of "the antidote to boring gyms" alive.

The DDI team worked with the Gymbox founders and design team on constructing their first gym in Holborn in 2003 and continues as a trusted partner to deliver clubs for the Gymbox brand as it extends its portfolio across the UK.

Gymbox Victoria was originally formed in 2016 and has since been expanded to three times its previous size and now spills over two basement levels - or 26,000 square feet - accessed from a discreet ground floor entrance.

The Victoria warehouse site offered great potential to exploit the inherited building fabric and provided a great textural backdrop to the new, technical gym machines.

From the development of the concept design through to the co-ordinated technical solutions for construction, our detail & build team worked with Gymbox's lead architect & designers to develop a buildable scheme that enhanced the unique attributes of the site and embodies the Gymbox DNA.

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Scope of works

Spanning two sites and a combined area of 26,000 square feet, the new underground space is a hybrid gym meets nightclub, with DJ's playing every night.  


Works included the installation of a cutting-edge audio, visual and lighting infrastructure to create a visually cool, industrial and energetic environment to enhance the members experience of the club and distinguish the training zones and multi-use studio spaces.


In addition to structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing, a critical consideration was acoustic and vibration control to combat noise breakout and vibration to the offices above and surrounding neighbours.

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Gymbox Studio 03.jpg
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Project insight

  • Site access was heavily restricted., with no external areas around the site for any storage of materials or plant during construction, and a very small loading bay.  Neighbouring roads were on a red route. In addition, tight noise restrictions in force to minimise disruption to adjacent offices and shops.

  • Detailed collaborative programme planning, involving every trade and professional was essential to securing coordination and scheduling efficiencies between subcontractors. We also implemented just-in-time deliveries, tightly controlled at 48 hours notice, to minimise site congestion. Drilling and noisy works were limited to 3 hours per day to minimise neighbour disruption.

Gymbox Cannon Green 01.jpg
Gymbox Victoria2.jpeg

A key design feature of the space is the exposed services, set against the exposed brickwork of the warehouse and concrete structure of the former basement car park. 


"DDI Projects brings a fresh and innovative approach, together with a huge amount of effort and enthusiasm to ensure a high level of client satisfaction. It goes without saying that they always deliver an excellent end product with close attention to detail."

Marc Diaper, CEO, Gymbox

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