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Business Integrity

Our approach

We expect everyone at DDI Projects to be an ambassador for our high ethical standards and to work with our clients, contractors, suppliers and partners to raise the bar on issues such as human rights, anti-bribery and corruption.


At the heart of our business integrity framework is our Code of Business Principles and Ethical Conduct.


The Code Policies help us put our values into practice. They play a key role in setting out how we seek to ensure compliance with

laws and regulations, protect our reputation and prevent harm to people or the environment. The Code has three pillars:

  • Prevention - we seek to embed a culture of integrity at all levels of our business.

  • Detection - we encourage employees to speak up and give voice to their values.

  • Response - we have the tools to investigate and, if necessary, address confirmed breaches, and use what we learn to continually improve.

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Our Code

Our Code of Business Principles and Ethical Conduct define the behaviours that we all need to demonstrate when working for DDI Projects. They are mandatory and include:

  • Governance and compliance with laws, regulations and standards

  • Countering corruption

  • Respecting people's health, safety and dignity

  • Safeguarding information

  • Responsible external engagement, sourcing and business partnering

Learn more about our Business Integrity Framework

DDI Code of Business Principles and Ethical Conduct

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DDI Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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DDI Continuous Improvement Statement

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Ask a

If you have an ethics or compliance question or an inquiry regarding a company policy, you can ask anonymously and confidentially.

Example Question:

Can I accept a gift from a supplier our organisation is considering doing business with?

Report an

Use this online form to report an incident about workplace issues like financial and auditing concerns, harassment, theft, substance abuse and unsafe conditions.

If you would prefer to speak to someone confidentially, call our office and ask to speak to the Business Integrity Officer.

Whistle Blower Policy

Read our policy on how to raise a concern or report an incident.

DDI Whistle Blower Policy

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we are 


We never settle. In everything we do we explore, innovate and improve to exceed the expectations of our clients and our industry.


Above all, we're a team. We play for our clients, our partners and the marketplace.


We constantly push ourselves to be our best. Through our talents, passion and precision we deliver exceptional results.

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