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Advisory Services

Site Feasibility & Scoping

With extensive experience of site and property development across a range of sectors, we understand the issues you may encounter and that much of a project’s delivery success lies in the early stages of the design and development.


We’ll join you on your prospective site to understand your scheme’s objectives and examine the general, technical and financial feasibility of the site and/or property; and highlight considerations to factor into the design development, costs, risk analysis, planning application and landlord negotiations.

Evaluations & Independent Review

We can provide a fresh set of eyes and perform an impartial, in-depth review of your project to support funding audits and progress verifications. Reviews can be discreet, tailored to suit your needs and scheduled according to key milestones of the project.

Training, Consultancy & Mentoring

Our team have been delivering successful construction fit-out programmes for decades. We apply the knowledge and experience we have gained to everything that we do, and our clients value our practical and commercial approach.

Construction contracts are complex and projects are often unique. We offer tailored packages of commercial support, dispute support, quantity surveying, contracts and project management to enable you to appraise and recover your programme, whatever the situation.

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A successful design and build strategy will help you make informed decisions and better use of your real estate.  We get to know you and what you need from the plot/property. We then use these insights to assess and advise on the feasibility of the site to meet your needs and inform your business case and ability to progress with confidence.

Why choose DDI Projects?

We love to work with our clients to create the best designed and functional spaces. Design delivery is the visible part of our work, but as construction fit-out specialists we do so much more. We have identified 5 points which sum up what we do, why clients choose to work with us and what makes us unique.

1. We get to know our clients

Each of our clients have their own visions and drivers behind their project. To develop the brief, we don't just have to listen to our clients, we have to understand them. This understanding forms the foundations for a successful project.

2. We tell our clients' story through design and build

Our understanding allows us to be in tune with our clients' vision. We deliver the design as the narrative that tells their story, and reflects their brand personality.

3. We take away the stress and risk

Embarking on a project invariably has elements of stress and risk. Through experience we know the typical risks, and identify project specific ones early on in our involvement.

We employ Lean principles throughout and we work collaboratively with our extended team of preferred partners and subcontractors to develop a comprehensive delivery program. 

We produce extremely thorough Technical Design and Programming documents; this process ensures that all decisions are made up front, rather than forcing hasty decisions on site. 

We're on site throughout the construction stage, with daily inspections to ensure the quality is in line with the Contract Documents and the best outcome is achieved.

4. We are trusted for our professionalism, reliability and accuracy

We are experienced value engineers and leverage our 30+ years in construction to safeguard your budget at every stage and ensure the design and budget stay in sync.


5. We love what we do, we're good at it, and we deliver spaces that inspire

We love the direct relationship between our clients and the spaces we create. What we love even more, is how they enable our clients' businesses to optimise their performance and cultivate success.

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we are 


We never settle. In everything we do we explore, innovate and improve to exceed the expectations of our clients and our industry.


Above all, we're a team. We play for our clients, our partners and the marketplace.


We constantly push ourselves to be our best. Through our talents, passion and precision we deliver exceptional results.

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